What is your data worth? Only a few years ago most of the World economy was based on the manufacturing and delivery of goods. Competitive advantage was gained by having the ability to efficiently handle the production, storage, and distribution of these goods.

In today’s modern economy, the emphasis has moved more towards information. Every aspect of daily business operations relies on information in various forms including voice, video, fax as well as a variety of computer-generated files and databases.

In order for your organization to remain competitive, it is essential that you have the necessary infrastructure in place to facilitate the efficient production, storage, retrieval, and distribution of information.

Computer and network systems provide the information infrastructure of choice. These systems accept as input, store and process, and transmit data in the form of raw data. The data on its own has no meaning - only when interpreted and presented to a person by a computer system does it take on meaning and become information.

It is crucial that the integrity, availability, and recoverability of your data be guaranteed, as corrupt or inaccessible data impedes the efficient flow of information in all its many forms. This impeded information flow in turn translates directly into lost revenue and productivity.

The challenge facing your organization lies in the logistics of planning, designing, and deploying an infrastructure that fully meets your unique business requirements, and at the same time effectively anticipates and addresses potential threats to your data.