Because of the scope and complexity of the products and services that can make up a solid information infrastructure, dataLogistics invests heavily in the technologies, skills, methodologies, tools, and relationships required in order to deliver truly complete solutions.

Solutions dataLogistics delivers fall under one of the following three broad categories:

1. Existing Infrastructure Expansion

dataLogistics can deliver specific additions to existing information infrastructure. Examples include phone systems, one or more new servers, an e-mail system, an anti-virus solution, or a firewall.
On occasion, this could create the need for some basic infrastructure redesign and consolidation before the new functionality is implemented.

2. Infrastructure Redesign and Consolidation

dataLogistics can work with your organization to study your existing infrastructure and evaluate current technologies and solutions. With this knowledge in hand we can design a new, more efficient infrastructure, consolidate redundant resources, and assist you to transparently transition to the new infrastructure.

3. New Infrastructure Development

For new or existing office locations, dataLogistics can plan, design, and deploy a complete information infrastructure. Alternatively, we can be tasked to build a specific subset of the required infrastructure.